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HMD Guinea | DOOSAN Excavators SOLD OUT, In less than 24 HOURS


HMD Guinea has completely SOLD OUT its premium DOOSAN Excavators DX225 LCA in less than 24 hours of arrival to our stock thanks to our dedicated and energetic sales team always ready to satisfy the rising demand of the market and thanks to the support of our loyal customers.


The DOOSAN Excavator DX225 LCA has proved interesting results in the AFRICAN field and became the Most wanted excavator, meeting the AFRICAN requirements and standards through its additional features and advantages:



• Engine DB58TIS Tier-II: Improved engine for better performance. Energy efficiency reduces fuel consumption

• Engine Oil Filter: High level of filtration. Oil change interval increased to 500 Hours.

• Easy Maintenance: Easy Access for cleaning radiators and changing parts.

• Hydraulic Oil Return filter: Ability to filter more than 99.5% of foreign particles.

• Air Cleaner: Modified to clean 99% of airborne particles.

• Water Separator: More efficient in separating water from Fuel


Stay tuned for more updates on the arrival of the DOOSAN Excavators to our stock within the upcoming months.

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